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Resellers and Partners of Limited Limited is proud to work with the following resellers and partners. These resellers and partners offer our Oracle Database vulnerability scanner and our PL/SQL Code security analyser and PL/SQL Obfuscator and pur forensic analysis tool for sale and our Oracle security specialist training courses

Resellers in Europe

Holland: Axis into ICT

PFCLScan Reseller

Axis into ICT is the database expert organisation in the Netherlands. Axis into ICT has a 100% customer focus and helps with:

  • Performance issues
  • Database architecture/advise
  • (Database) security
  • Remote database management
  • Training

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Slovenia: Palsit d.o.o

PFCLScan Reseller and distributor for the Balkans region

Palsit d.o.o. is providing information security trainings and consultancy since 2002. The company received ISO IEC 27001 certificate as the first company in Slovenia. In all these years we have organized many information security conferences, hosting renowned speakers from Slovenia and abroad. It's our previlege to cooperate with IT security experts from all over the world and contribuiting our part to greater awareness in the field of information security

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Finland: Miracle Finland Oy

PFCLScan Reseller and distributor for Finland and region

Miracle Finland has been involved in designing, creating, implementing and monitoring large relational databases including required front-end applications since 2007. Our certified experts are available for even more specialized areas, like very large Data Warehouses and Machine Learning, or if you need optimized hardware like Oracle Exadata and ODA. On top of being a reseller, we also have the technical resources for software installations and all maintenance you need for them later.

Our remote monitoring services will detect & fix any issues with the production data before it becomes a problem. We work on, as certified partners, with Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB, Snowflake, SQL Server - and others if needed.

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Germany: IF DV GmbH

PFCLScan Reseller

The employees of IF DV have been involved in consulting, development and training in the Oracle environment for over 20 years. Our customers include medium-sized companies as well as corporations from the steel and pharmaceutical industries, banks and insurance companies.

We have been an Oracle partner since 1994 (certified in 2001) and offer our customers Support and training on topics such as administration, application development, migration, security, tuning. IF DV Gmbh are resellers in Germany for PFCLScan

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Poland: Database Database Whisperers sp. z o. o.

PFCLScan Reseller

Database Database Whisperers are our reseller for PFCLScan in Poland. They are code geeks and performance tuning freaks. Oracle didn't want to give them partnership because of the name "ORA-600" so their official company name is Database Whisperers. But everyone in Poland knows them as ORA-600. They like to explore the deep mysteries of the Oracle database and share that knowledge with others. - (broken lnik) Database Database Whisperers sp. z o. o.">> View Details

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: GmbH

PFCLScan Reseller are experts in Oracle and Unix technologies. They supply many services and specialise in Database Intelligence, Oracle Security On-Call Oracle database support and On-Call Unix Support. are resellers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for PFCLScan

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France: Premiseo

PFCLScan Reseller

Premiseo is a consulting company specialized in data-management, systems and cloud which is based in Lille (France) Premiseo offers services on Oracle Database and Hadoop ecosystem, and they have developed a security offer for Oracle Databases (Audit, Hardening, GDPR compliance etc). Services are delivered on Site in France and remotely worldwide.

Please contact us for any security related services in France or for a PFLScan Demo.

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Resellers in South America

Latin America and Spain: Logos Consulting

PFCLScan Reseller

Logos Consulting is a company specialized in databases, with 10+ years of experience providing support for PostgreSQL and Oracle, and a specialization in database security services. Based in Uruguay, we have clients in several countries in Latin America and Spain.

Please contact us for any database security related services in Latin America and Spain or for a PFCLScan Demo.

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Resellers in Australasia

Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand and Oceana Region: Pebble IT

PFCLScan Reseller

Pebble IT has been operating with Oracle database, Weblogic and Infrastructure since 2003. We were the first partner in the region to offer compliance services and now work with clients on all aspects of Oracle database and Oracle Linux & Windows Server work including tuning, re-platforming, virtualisation and migration to AWS, Azure or Oracle's cloud. Clients have been asking us for more security capability and we have responded with expertise in Oracle's and other leading product's security capabilities with a focus on the database. We use PFCLScan to aid in discovery of what is important to be achieved with your Oracle databases, and we can work with you to go beyond this to achieve a secure and monitored environment.

Please contact us for any database security related services in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand and Oceana Region or for a PFCLScan Demo.

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Resellers in Africa

Benin, Burkin Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d'Ivorie, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Toga and South Africa: Gritty Mind Concepts

PFCLScan Reseller

GMC prides with a team of the best of industry experts in infrastructure support. Our Oracle RDBMS experts have industry footprint of global excellence. We make your database security a priority. With PFCLScan, our clients has benefits of detecting the security vulnerabilities of their databases before it is exploited.

Please contact us for any database security related services in Benin, Burkin Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d'Ivorie, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Toga and South Africa or for a PFCLScan Demo.

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Resellers in Asia

India: Auriseg Consulting Private Limited

PFCLScan Reseller

Auriseg is a leading Cyber Security Company based out of India with a spread over footprint and rich experience, Auriseg provides complete information security solutions specializing in implementing holistic, integrated, and sustainable information protection programs. We are a full-service information security provider committed to delivering technology solutions to ensure impenetrable security to more than 100 customers across India and USA. Using our industry knowledge, security-related expertise and technology capabilities, we of fer unique technology platform and integrated services framework for our clients. Our industry expertise extends over Banking-Finance-Insurance, IT and Consulting, Telecommunications, Research & Development, and Government. Our solutions encompass security assurance, compliance, governance, monitoring, and management services.

Please contact us for any requirements in India and for a PFCLScan Demo.

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Partner With Us?

Any company who feels that they would like to become a partner for Limited to offer for sale our products or our services should contact in the first instance.

If your company would like to become a reseller of PFCLScan then please contact us for more details. We offer attractive commissions for the right reseller companies and we also offer a great reseller pack with everything to help you sell PFCLScan licenses. As a reseller you are free to offer value add services to customers such as custom policy or report development or general database consultancy.