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Is the data in your Oracle ™ database secure?
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Oracle Security from Limited

If you use the Oracle Database software for your business and you value your data held in the databases you have deployed then this is a site that you need to visit and digest the Oracle Security information provided. Identity theft, personal data theft and database breaches are a worldwide problem in current times. Even mainstream news channels now talk about data breaches and theft as a normal occurance whereas a few short years ago it was specialist news.

Data targeted for theft is often the sort of data that will be used by your business and be stored in your Oracle databases. Recent surveys have also shown that the number of internal breaches of security in those companies and organisations polled has increased so that internal breaches now exceed external breaches by a good margin. This in simple terms means that your Oracle database and the data it holds must be secured at the Oracle database level. Traditional firewalls and traditional network security are no longer enough to secure your data held in an Oracle database. Specific effort must be made to secure your Oracle databases and the data held in them.

Oracle database security is where we can help you. We provide expert training in many areas of Oracle Security as well as professional services to help you secure your Oracle databases. We also provide software packages to audit your Oracle database Security vulnerabilities and data access controls as well as user security. We also provide specialised software to help secure your PL/SQL code.

About Limited Limited is based in the north of England in the city of York. Our founder Pete Finnigan is the author of the SANS Oracle Security Step-by-Step Guide, Co-Author of Expert Oracle practices and over 60 Oracle Security papers and presentations. Pete is a much sought after frequent speaker and trainer around world. Pete is also a member of the Oak Table Network; the respected invite only group of Oracle Experts.